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F1 - 2.5" Hard Disks (HDD) And Solid State Drive (SSD) Recommendations

When using spinning drives (HDD), you need to be careful whilst recording. The drives will generally stand light/medium occasional bumps without problems, to aid your recording the Ninja/Samurai has an anti-shock buffer. However, spinning drives are not suitable for use in high vibration or movement environments, for example if the Ninja/Samurai is strapped to the side of a motor bike or other moving machinery.

Please follow our best Practice guide for HDD's here:

  • Use a new drive, or one that has very little usage. 
  • Always format your HDD in the Atomos product 
  • Do not use old drives. 
  • Do not use drives that have been dropped.

On all drives, when handling, keep fingers away from the SATA connector at all times, as static electricity can damage the electronics inside.

HDD / SSD Compatibility Testing*
Compatible Drives
Make HDD/SSD Model Capacity Speed
Hitachi HDD TravelStar Z7320 160 – 320GB 7200 rpm
TravelStar 7K750 500 – 750GB
TravelStar 7K500 120 – 500GB
TravelStar Z5K500 250 – 500GB 5400 rpm
TravelStar Z5K320 160 – 320GB
TravelStar 5K750 500 – 750GB
TravelStar 5K500.b 120 – 500GB
Intel SSD 710 100 – 300GB n/a
510 120 – 250GB
320 40 – 600GB
311 20GB
310 40 – 80GB
X25-E 32 – 64GB
X25-M 80 – 180GB
X25-V 40GB
Kingston SSD Hyper-X 120 - 480GB n/a
V+ 60 - 240GB
OWC SSD Mercury EXTREME Pro 6G 60, 120, 240, 480GB n/a


SanDisk SSD Extreme 120-480GB n/a
Ultra Plus 128 - 256GB
Samsung HDD Spinpoint MP4 250 – 640GB
Spinpoint MT2 750GB 7200rpm
Spinpoint M8 160 – 750GB 5400rpm
Spinpoint M7 250 – 640GB
SSD 830 series (MZ-7PC) 128 – 512GB n/a
SSD 840 Series 120 - 500GB n/a
Seagate HDD Momentus 500 – 750GB 7200rpm
Hybrid Momentus XT 500 – 750GB 7200rpm
TakeMS SSD UTX-2200 120 - 460GB n/a
Transcend SSD 320 Series 128 - 256GB n/a
Toshiba HDD MKxx61GSYB 80 – 500GB 5400rpm
MKxx61GSYN 160 – 640GB 7200rpm
MKxx54GSY 80 – 320GB
MKxx56GSY 160 – 500GB
MQ01ABD 250 – 750GB 5400rpm
MKxx59GSM 750GB
MK7559GSXP 160 – 640GB
Western Digital HDD Scorpio Black 500GB - 750GB 7200rpm

NOTE: Solid State Drives are designed in such a way that the smaller the capacity the slower the drive will perform. Please bear this in mind when purchasing SSD drives

Not Recommended Drives

Make HDD/SSD Model Notes
All G-shock protected drives G-shock protection disables the drive for long periods.
Crucial SSD M4 After many formats reliability drops Drives not always detected in the Atomos Recorder
Intel SSD



Most users have been fine, but there have been some reports of unreliability and data loss, moved to not recommended Jan 2013
Kingston HDD / The drives do not read/write fast enough, dropped frames or artifacts can occur

Vertex 3/ Max
Agility 3
Octane 3 

Some users have been fine, but there have been some reports of unreliability via Firewire connection and data loss, moved to not recommended June 2012
Western Digital HDD Scorpio Blue The drives do not read/write fast enough, dropped frames or artifacts can occur

NOTE:  These results are from internal laboratory testing at Atomos. They are offered without guarantee.

Awaiting Testing

We are currently testing the following drives and will update the list once testing is completed:

Recording Times based on Internal testing

Recording Time           
all video input formats supported
ProResHQ (10-bit, 220Mbps)                                2.5 hrs 5 hrs 10 hrs
Avid DNxHD® 220x (10-bit, 220Mbps) 2.5 hrs 5 hrs 10 hrs
ProRes422 (10-bit, 150Mbps) 4 hrs 8 hrs 16 hrs
Avid DNxHD® 145 (8-bit, 145Mbps) 4 hrs 8 hrs 16 hrs
ProResLT (10-bit, 100Mbps) 5.5 hrs 11 hrs 22 hrs

Updated July 2013

Please note more testing is being done with SSD's and HDD's, all updates will be posted on here asap. If you have any suggestions for HDD / SSD please let us know via submit a ticket: http://atomos.helponclick.com/submit  and we will do our best to test them if they are available.

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