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H4 - Setup Nikon D800 with Atomos Ninja Range

Nikon D800

Camera Options:

Setup Menu  Custom Setting Menu Shooting Menu
HDMI > Output Resolution Auto Timers / AE Lock >
Monitor off Delay > 
Live View 
5 min Movie Settings 1080 24fps
480p 10 min 1080 25fps
576p 15 min 1080 30fps
720p 20 min 720 50 fps
1080i 30 min 720 60 fps
HDMI > Advanced Output Range Full No Limit 720 24fps
Limit   720 25fps
Output Display Size 100% 720 30fps
Live View on-screen display  ON


Additional Notes:

  • Remove media from Nikon D800, when media is inserted and REC is pressed, output will be limited to 720p 50/60 
  • Known Audio delay from embedded Audio (3 Frames) Nikon aware and looking to resolve. (Atomos have released a work around fix explained later)
  • If internal recording is set to Progressive, and HDMI output is set to interlaced it will output with pulldown applied
  • No Timecode is output via HDMI; No Atomos triggers can be used

Setup the Camera:

The following setup will enable the Camera to output a clean Progressive output.
Please remove HDMI cables from the camera to enable the HDMI options in Nikon D800 menu 

  1. Set Output resolution to Auto

  2. Set Output range to Limit (This is the correct level for SMTPE standard video levels)
  3. Set Output display size to 100%
  4. Set Live view on-screen display to OFF

  5. Set Monitor off delay to No limit

  6. Set the Frame size / Frame Rate you require for your shoot
  7. Exit Menu
  8. Set the camera to Movie mode



Setup Atomos Recorder

  • Atomos Ninja-2 attached directly to the camera HDMI output
  • Atomos Connect H2S and the Atomos Samurai attached to the camera HDMI output (No Audio delay option)
  • No Triggers supported
  1. Connect all HDMI and/or SDI cables
  2. Insert a drive into the Atomos recorder (ideally from our recommended list)
  3. Set Unit Name
  4. Format the drive
  5. Set File name for your first take Menu > File Naming> Scene/Shot/Take, Select Configure - set the numerical values for your first recording
  6. Select the codec you wish to record to (AVID DNxHD will require activation on first use Ninja-2 only)
  7. Check your input matches what you have set in the Camera menu
  8. Enter Audio menu, set 3 frames delay using + / - buttons (only active when HDMI is connected)
    Ninja-2 menu 
  9. Setup your shot and you are ready to record


  • If you have any problems getting the input to Lock please make sure you are running the latest firmware (Ninja-2 - AtomOS v4.21, Ninja - AtomOS 2.2)
 If you have any queries please check the Atomos website for information: www.atomos.com or ask a question via the Submit a Ticket: http://atomos.helponclick.com/submit



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