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G1- Setup Sony NEX-FS100 with Atomos Recorder


Camera Options:

rec/out display tc/ub


1080 50/60/24/25/50p Display Output LCD Panel TC Preset
1080 50/60i All Output UB Preset

720 50/60p

TC FORMAT Drop Frame
480 60i Non-drop frame
576 50i TC Run REC RUN

720p / 480 or 576i

1080i / 480 or 576i
480 or 576p
480 or 576i

Additional Notes:

  • During recording with [REC FORMAT] set to [1080/60p PS], the camcorder does not output 720p or 480p signals. Therefore, if [HDMI/COMPONENT] is set to [720p/480i] or [480p], the screen of the connected device will be blank, until you change the setting. 
  • Video and Audio are output via HDMI
  • Atomos do not support 1080p50/60 
  • Output will be as follows:
    output range 

Setup the Camera:

  1. Set the camera to SD or HD
  2. Set the camera to record the format you require for your shoot
    Please bear in mind we do not support 1080p 50/60
  3. Set the camera output to 1080i / 480 or 576i
    If your recording is set to 24/25/30p it will be output with pulldown applied:
    24p it will require 3:2 pulldown
    25/30p it will require 2:2 pulldown
    This will embed the 25P/30P footage in a 50i/60i signal known as PsF
    The Ninja-2, Samurai and Connect converter (H2S and S2H) all have pulldown removal options on input.
  4. Set the Timecode options depending on the Atomos Trigger required:
    1. Rolling Timecode:
      a) Set VIDEO OUT > HDMI TC in/out to ON
      b) Set TC Run to REC RUN
  5. Please set any other timecode settings according to your shoot requirements
  6. Set the Display Output to LCD Panel
    This will ensure the viewfinder information is not output through the HDMI output
  7. Exit Menu

Setup Atomos Recorder

  • Atomos Ninja-2 attached directly to camera HDMI output
  • Atomos Connect H2S and the Samurai attached from the camera HDMI output
  • HDMI Trigger supported 
  1. Connect all HDMI and SDI cables (if you have the Connect + Samurai option)
  2. Insert a drive into the Atomos recorder (ideally from our recommended list)
  3. Set Unit Name
  4. Format the drive
  5. Set File name for your first take Menu > File Naming> Scene/Shot/Take, Select Configure - set the numerical values for your first recording
  6. Select the codec you wish to record to (AVID DNxHD will require activation on first use)
  7. Toggle through the input on the Atomos recorder until it shows the option you require.
    For 24p you may need to move the camera or wave something in front of the lens to detect the 3:2 pulldown  
  8. Select the Atomos Trigger you want to use:
    1. Rolling Timecode (Starts record when timecode rolls) 
      a) Set Timecode to HD-SDI or HDMI 
      b) Set Camera trigger to None / Timecode
      c) Enable the TC>0 (Rolling timecode trigger) on Home Screen
    2. Lanc (starts when remote signal is detected via Lanc cable) Samurai only!
      a) Connect Lanc cable from Camera to Lanc in on Samurai 
      b) Disable all other triggers 
  9. Set up your shot and you are ready to record
If you find the LANC options is not working please ensure your Sony camera is running firmware v2.00.

3:2 and 2:2 Pulldown explained

2:2 pulldown

When the FS100 records at 25P/30P internally it will output via the HDMI as 50i/60i, this is actually 25P/30P embedded in the 50i/60i signal known as PSF

The camera will split the 25/30 frames into two, producing 2 fields (50/60).
Each field has the same image, producing the PsF output.


To remove the 2:2 pulldown you can use any of the following options:

  • The Ninja-2, Samurai or Connect 2:2 have pulldown removal on input
  • Most current NLEs allow you to set the project/sequence to 25/30p and will automatically remove the additional fields.

3:2 Pulldown

When the FS100 records at 24p internally it will output via the HDMI as 60i, this requires more processing than the 2:2 pulldown as 24 does not divide in to 60 as easily.

The camera will split the 24 frames in one of the following ways:
3:2 or 2:3 pulldown.

The Sony camera (2:3 pulldown) will split the odd frames into 2 fields and the even frames into 3 fields.
Each frame division will have the same footage in but will become the 60i frames, some of which will have a combination of two original frames.

32 pulldown

To remove the 2:3 pulldown you can use any of the following options:

  • The Ninja-2, Samurai or Connect 2:2 have pulldown removal on input
  • Other third-party software, such as Apple Compressor (latest version)
Here are the settings we use within Compressor:

compressor fs100 

 If you have any queries please check the Atomos website for information: www.atomos.com or ask a question via the Submit a Ticket: http://atomos.helponclick.com/submit

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